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The Public Water System Coordination Act of 1977, Chapter 70.116 of the Revised Code of Washington (RWC) provides for the establishment of critical water supply service areas related to water utility planning and development. Chapter 70.116 RCW also provides for the development of minimum planning and design standards for critical water supply service areas to insure that water systems development in these areas are consistent with regional needs. King County passed ordinances ratifying four CWSPs:  East King County (Ordinance 9462), Skyway (Ordinance 9332), South King County (Ordinance 9461) and Vashon (Ordinance 9839). Implementation of the CWSPs is done by several departments in the County. The UTRC's role is to hear and make decisions on those CWSP issues subject to appeal including, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Interpretation and application of water utility service area boundaries;
  • Proposed schedule for providing service;
  • Conditions of service, excluding published rates and fees;
  • Annexation provisions imposed as a condition of service, unless existing authorities of city government under a CWSP are altered through an interlocal agreement between a city and King County or as specifically authorized by Chapter 70.116 RCW; and
  • Established minimum design standards.

The CWSP appeal process does not apply to water service from a city within the established city limits incorporated areas. It does apply, however, for service from a city outside the city corporate limits.

 East King County CWSP

 Skyway CWSP

 South King County CWSP

 Vashon CWSP  

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For questions or more information about King County Utilities Technical Review Committee, please contact Jae Hill, UTRC Chair.