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Photo: Concrete sidewalk.
Example of a typical concrete sidewalk and pedestrian curb ramp.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Cottage Lake Elementary School project/15940 Avondale Road NE, Woodinville

Road Services installed a new drainage system along the road in April 2022. We will return on Tuesday, June 21 to start work installing the new sidewalk. During construction, flaggers will direct traffic around the work zone. The signal and crosswalk will be relocated after the sidewalk is fully installed.

Order of work

  • April 2022: Underground drainage pipe along the side of the road installed. The new drainage system will help maintain the new sidewalk.
  • Late June – early July 2022: Sidewalk installed.
  • Summer or fall 2022: Crosswalk and traffic signal located north of the school driveway is relocated to a safer location south of the school driveway.

S 360th Street/32nd Avenue S Pathway project

Preliminary utility work to make way for road construction on the S 360th Street and 32nd Avenue S Pathway project in the Lakeland area of southeast Federal Way has been completed. Sidewalk and curb construction has been delayed until spring/summer 2022. The delay is because Road Services had many projects to complete in summer 2021 and we were unable to schedule this work in time for the start of the 2021/22 school season.



The School Zone Safety Program also focuses on improving safety for students and pedestrians along designated school walking routes by adding new sections of pathway to existing pedestrian pathways within, or adjacent to, school zones.

Pathways separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic either by extending the existing sidewalk or by installing a curb-separated walkway. Pathways also provide students and pedestrians with a designated path to marked crosswalks.

King County works with school districts to identify potential pedestrian pathway safety improvements along designated school walking routes.

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Projects funded for 2021-22 construction season

Road Services will build two projects within the designated walking route in 2021-2022.

Cottage Lake/Woodinville
Avondale Road NE Student Crossing Relocation

King County Road Services is working with Cottage Lake Elementary School to make Avondale Road NE near NE 159th Street safer for students. The school is building a path from the building to Avondale Road NE on the south side of the school and driveway. We will move the existing crosswalk and signal, currently on the north side of the driveway, to connect with the new path to the south.

We will also build a large concrete standing area at the signal and a 40-foot-long asphalt path to the south to allows students to walk on the east side of Avondale Road NE.

Why is King County moving the signal and crosswalk?

Drivers who leave Cottage Lake Elementary and turn right out of the driveway immediately encounter a crosswalk and signal. The location creates delays leaving the school and may create a safety hazard for students leaving campus.

Cottage Lake Elementary is building a new exit path to the south of the driveway to reduce the chance that students and vehicles may come in contact. Oncoming traffic will be able to see the new crosswalk easier because it is south of the driveway when drivers are turning into the school or driving through the school zone. The new crosswalk and signal will connect to this path.

Project timeline

  • Fall 2022: Cottage Lake Elementary School completes path
  • Spring 2022: King County and PSE move existing crosswalk and signal
  • Spring 2022: Project is complete
Aerial photo.
Aerial photo showing the Avondale Road NE Student Crossing Relocation site.

Federal Way
S 360th Street and 32nd Avenue S Pathway and Safety Improvements

The Federal Way project location was identified in partnership with the Federal Way School District and local school leadership.

This project adds 85 feet of missing link and an ADA-approved pedestrian ramp on the eastbound side of S 360th Street. The new sidewalk and ramp are located within one block of Lakeland Elementary School and Sequoyah Middle School. On the northeast corner of the intersection, the project improves safety for vehicles and pedestrians by improving visibility for oncoming westbound S 360th Street and southbound 32nd Ave S turning traffic.

S 360th Street and 32nd Avenue S pathway and safety improvements project location.

S 360th Street, southeast corner.
This is the southeast corner looking west on S. 360th Street (yellow pin). This vegetation will be cleared away to build a sidewalk and an accessibility ramp.

Utility relocation work is complete. The road construction portion of the project is scheduled for spring/summer 2022.

Projects funded for summer 2020 construction

King County built two pathways within designated school walking routes in 2020. The locations were identified in partnership with the Federal Way School District and local school leadership.

1. 42nd Avenue S Pathway
This project added 145 feet of missing link in the existing sidewalk along west side of 42nd Avenue S. The new sidewalk section is located between S 278th Street and the north property line of Valhalla Elementary School in the Federal Way School District.

42nd Avenue S.
42nd Avenue S before and after.

2. S 298th Street Curb-Separated Pathway
This project provided the missing link in the existing curb-separated walkway along the north side of S 298th Street between 36th Place S to 39th Place S. The County paved 260 feet of gravel shoulder and added 390 feet of concrete curb-separated pathway near Camelot Elementary School in the Federal Way School District.

S 298th Street.
S 298th Street before and after.


1. What is a designated school walking route?
A school walking route is an area identified as appropriate for walking or biking to and from school. School walking route plans are required by the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 392-151-025) for all elementary schools in Washington.

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