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DPD's mission is not only to provide high-quality representation but to also challenge the practices and policies that keep DPD's clients entangled in a harsh and unfair system. DPD's goal is to work with partners to dismantle the systems that oppress our clients. Where traditional systems remain, DPD is partnering with the community, litigating, and drawing upon the expertise of its staff to make those systems less harmful and more restorative. 

Read more about our policy work on our blog, For The Defense. 

DPD in the news

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Washington's foster care system indicts itself by placing kids in hotels, commentary by Tara Urs, Crosscut, Feb. 26, 2020

Increase jury pay to address racial bias in criminal justice system, commentary by Anita Khandelwal and Michele Storms, Seattle Times, Oct. 27, 2019 

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Combat Seattle's street crime with treatment and housing, not jail, commentary by Anita Khandelwal, Seattle Times, Nov. 16, 2018


Annual reports

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Statements, reports, and position papers

Economic duress legislation

DPD is working on draft legislation that would expand the duress defense in Seattle Municipal Court to include behavior that had to do with a person's effort to meet a basic need or behavior that occurred due to symptoms of a behavioral health disorder.  

Statement about people denied right to appear before a judge because of an unspecified threat  

DPD Director Anita Khandelwal issued a statement on June 1, 2020, about the King County Superior Court's decision to close all operations due to unspecified "civil disturbances," depriving people incarcerated prior to being charged in jail an extra day. She also expressed concerns about the King County Prosecutor's refusal to determine who could be released on their own recognizance. Read her complete statement.  

Statement about strategies proposed by High-Barrier Individuals Working Group 

DPD Director Anita Khandelwal issued a statement on Sept. 13, 2019, expressing concerns about the four pilot strategies released by the High-Barrier Individuals Working Group. The pilots largely fail to address what DPD knows our clients need -- long-term housing and community-based services -- as opposed to more involvement in the criminal legal system. Read her complete statement

Study by UW on racial diversity of jury pools

The Under-Representation of Blacks in the King County Jury Pool, by Katherine Beckett, University of Washington, May 2016