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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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Vision Statement

    A leader in service excellence, committed to building an enduring legacy of continuous improvement and employee engagement.


  • Continuous Improvement: RALS is a learning organization committed to continuously improving both what we do and how we do it.
  • Employee Engagement: RALS employees are ready, willing and able to provide excellent service, are enthusiastic and fully involved in continuously improving RALS.
  • Service Excellence: We provide high quality and efficient service and strive to exceed our customer's stakeholders expectations.
  • Supervisor Department: RALS supervisors are competent, confident and compassionate leaders who guide their team members in achieving measurable goals; with advocacy and accountability.


  • Respect: We treat each other and our customers with dignity and kindness
  • Honesty & Integrity: We are trustworthy, transparent and fair.
  • Service: We provide high quality and efficient service and strive to exceed our customers and stakeholders' expectations.
  • Continuous Improvement: We foster a culture of ongoing learning and development.
  • Competence: We have the capacity, skills and talent to perform our work.
  • Dependability: We make and keep our commitments, big and small.