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Scroll down or click the links below to access King County retention schedules.

Notice! As of 8/31/2021 we are providing retention schedules in a new interactive format, as displayed on this page. You can continue to access the PDF versions of the retention schedules, but they will eventually be decommissioned. 

General Records Retention Schedule

The General Records Retention Schedule is applicable to all county employees. It provides guidance on the retention of records common to most county agencies. To find information in this schedule, either click column headings to sort by column, use the Search Category and Description box (do not use quotation marks) or the Filter by Function buttons. 

Agency-Specific Retention Schedules

To access an agency-specific retention schedule, follow the instructions listed below. Note: when searching on this dashboard, do not use quotation marks for phrases.

Instructions and Help

This page provides interactive records retention schedules for all King County agencies. Information on this page is current and is automatically updated by our records management system (Content Manager) every day. All schedules are based on, and compliant with, Washington State records retention schedules (external link). 

How do I search for retention schedules?

In the Search box, type any word or phrase that you know of and that might be in the title or notes/description of the record category. For example, enter budget to find all categories that contain the word budget in the title or descriptions.

Do not use quotation marks when performing searches for phrases. Instead enter phrases without quotation marks.  

Help! These retention schedules do not work for me. How do I get a retention schedule in a different format?

If the retention schedules provided on this page are not accessible or do not meet your needs, contact to receive a copy of a retention schedule in a different format.

Looking for Records?

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