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KCSO receives your scores 7-10 days after your initial test date.  Once you begin the background investigation, you might know in as quickly as 3-4 months whether you will be offered a job.  The entire process can take 8-12 months from the start (testing with PST) to your hire date depending upon the timing of your Oral Board and the extent of the investigation. The background investigation is based on your ranking on the Civil Service Eligibility List and begins after the Oral Board.  The candidate must have completed all required documents, questionnaires, and references.

Yes, we will do our best to consolidate in-person appointment when possible. The process usually requires 2-3 in person appointments including the, oral board interview, background appointments and medical.

For out of state candidates we can usually consolidate everything to 2 trips to Seattle after the PST testing (oral board & background appointments with medical).

Yes it does. Once you are hired, you will need to work with our Human Resources personnel to complete the necessary paperwork. 

Veterans: you need to check off on the PST web site that you will be claiming Veterans’ Preference Points when you sign-up for the testing.  You then on the day of your Oral Board interview you should bring a copy of your DD214.  If you do not have your DD214 at that time, you will not be able to claim the extra points. 

No. Our retirement system is LEOFF 2. Unless you have prior law enforcement experience in this state before entering the military, there is no provision for buying into the system. It is possible to buy back service credits once you are in the LEOFF system.

For additional questions on retirement, visit
No. Generally the on-campus housing and meals program at CJTC is reserved for agencies located more than 40 miles away.  King County deputies attending the academy are responsible for commuting. If this will create a tremendous hardship, you may consider going in on an apartment with a couple of your classmates, or commute during the week from a friend or family member's home.

Yes. During the academy you will get to rank your precinct work preferences (Pcts. 2-4).  KCSO makes every effort to keep new deputies closer to home for PTO (field training), however we do reserve the right to make precinct assignments based on our staffing needs at the time. Once you successfully complete probation, you may put in a transfer request to any other precinct, or apply to a contract if you meet the requirements.

The SWAT Unit generally requires a minimum of four years experience with the Sheriff’s Office. This is true of the other specialty units as well. Most detective units require between 3 and 5 years experience. Other units like Traffic, City Contracting, Metro/Sound Transit and SRO simply require that you have successfully completed probation. Laterals who complete probation can apply your experience elsewhere to meet some specialty unit requirements. 
There will be no tattoos above the neck nor on the hands of all members.  All other tattoos are permitted as long as they are not offensive to anyone nor to any group of people.   The Sheriff reserves the right to request employees with full-sleeve tattoos to wear long-sleeved uniform shirts year-round.  No earrings are permitted on male deputies while in uniform. 
Request preference points when you initially sign up for PST testing.  Veterans: please bring a copy of your DD-214 with you to your Oral Board interview. The Civil Service Administration will then calculate the appropriate percentage to add to your passing score, which will move your ranking up on the Civil Service Eligibility List. Peace Corps: proof of service in the Peace Corps earns you extra points.  Second Language: fluency in a second language (proficiency is tested) earns you extra points in the hiring process.  In all these cases, points are added after you have passed the Oral Board interview when your total score and ranking are calculated by Civil Service.

At this time due to COVID considerations ride alongs are only offered for candidates in our application/hiring process. Please reach out to Alexandra Ehlert at 206.263.2664 if you fall under this category. Please know we hope to open this up to others as soon as we can based on local and state COVID restrictions and considerations.