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Welcome to the King County Sheriff's Office Online Reporting System. You will be able to report your incident without waiting and be able to print a copy of the approved report. If you have been the victim of multiple harassing calls, no threats of harm were made, and you do not know the person who is calling, you can use this online reporting system. If immediate threats of harm were made during the harassing calls received, please call 9-1-1. If other threats were received but no apparent immediate danger exists, dial (206) 296-3311.

Many telephone companies provide service within King County and each has their own procedures for helping their customers deal with harassing calls. Before using this online reporting system, please take a moment to review our Helpful Hints for information they have provided to see if there are some required steps you should take before making your police report.

After completing your report, if required by your phone service, please contact them with the report number you receive at the end of this process. You can assist us by keeping track of when (date and time) calls occur and the phone number they are from (if you have caller ID).

By clicking the "START REPORT BY CLICKING HERE" button you certify that you understand filing a false report is a crime.