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Metro’s ability to provide movement through the transit system can be life-changing.

As a mobility agency, we move hundreds of thousands of people in our region every day, helping them get to their destination. We know that mobility connects people to opportunity — and that destination is sometimes more than an actual place. It may be a new job, a better education, a critical medical appointment, or a chance to start over.

Metro’s Long Game is the blueprint to how we leverage the power of public transit to create a mobility system that advances equity by serving underserved communities, providing new economic opportunities in those neighborhoods, and combating climate change.

In order for Metro to reach our Long Game, we will:

  • Build fast, frequent, reliable all-day services that are both prioritized and co-created for those with the greatest need of public transit
  • Transition to a 100% zero-emissions fleet powered by renewable energy no later than 2035
  • Modernize our system
  • Continue to demonstrate the value of public transit to grow capacity and resources, which will result in more service and measurable outcomes

By providing safe, reliable, and equitable public transportation services, we can—and will—improve regional mobility and quality of life in King County.