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You've seen those charging stations and the plugin coming out of the hood of a car? Well, we at Metro have our own bus version. Unlike our other electric trolley buses, these heavy-duty battery-electric buses don’t need an overhead wire to keep going. Just plug the bus in and go!

Batteries take 10 minutes or less to charge.

The new 38-seat buses can travel up to 23 miles between charges, and remain on the road up to 24 hours a day. Batteries take 10 minutes or less to charge. The bus is expected to get 15 miles more from an equivalent unit of energy than a diesel-hybrid coach. A battery-charging station is in place at the Eastgate Park & Ride lot.

The buses have no engine, fuel system, engine cooling system, exhaust system or emissions treatment system, so maintenance and parts-replacement costs are expected to be lower than for diesel buses.

Metro monitors their performance and efficiency as part of our normal operations.

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