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These links provide useful information for Metro's Commuter Van drivers, bookkeepers, and riders.

King County Metro Vanpool program fare schedules

Effective 4-1-13 thru 9-30-19

October 2019 fare increase FAQ

King County Metro Mobility Services Commuter Van program is raising commuter van fares October 1, 2019 to keep pace with expenses and service growth. Metro commuter vans remain a popular and cost-effective transit choice and this fare increase will help keep the program healthy and robust while meeting cost-recovery requirements. Per county code, Metro's commuter van program is required to recover 100% of capital and operating costs.

How much will fares increase?
On average, vanpool fares will increase from $8 to $15 additional per participant, each month, depending on vehicle type, mileage and other factors. Fares for some van sizes and trip lengths will decrease. View new fare schedules above.

Will Vanshare fares also increase?
Yes. Vanshares, which provide connections to and from transit, will increase to a $200 flat monthly fare (fare was $185) split between all riders and would constitute a $3 increase per rider, per month for a 5-person vanshare.

How may I lower my commuter van fares?
To lower costs, commuters may recruit and add more riders to their vans or look for ways to decrease mileage by changing routes or number of days commuting. Please touch base with your Employee Transportation Coordinator or call our office for recruiting tips. You may also visit to look for riders or email us with your group number and "Riders Wanted" in the subject line to be flagged as looking for riders.

When was the last fare increase?
This is the first fare increase in six years; the last fare increase was in 2013.

How large is the program now?
The last five years has brought unprecedented vanpool growth to King County with 1,600 vans in revenue service as well as increased maintenance, insurance, capital and labor costs.

Questions? If you have fare-related questions, or need assistance calculating your fares, please have your van's bookkeeper contact your assigned Accounting Rideshare Service Rep. For recruiting questions or other support, contact King County's Commuter Van Program via email.

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