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Commute like a VIP

Our monthly fare covers everything: the van, gas, tolls, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Join an existing Vanpool or start your own—with just a total of 5 people, you can get a Vanpool on the road.

What is Vanpool?

Just 5 or more people—including 2 volunteer drivers and a bookkeeper who share a similar origin, destination and work schedule—are needed to form a Vanpool. Each group decides their own routes, schedules and pickup/drop-off locations.

Multiple vehicle sizes are available to best fit your needs and work schedule. And our Metro team is here to help you at every step—and mile—along your Vanpool journey!

Join or start a Vanpool group

Vanpool Benefits


  • Vanpools are available for any work schedule—full-time, part-time, shift and evening or weekends.
  • Commute to work from anywhere in the region with a basic rule: your Vanpool trip must start or end within King County.
  • Easily join one of our current Vanpools (more than 900 exist!) or start your own.


  • Your monthly fare is all-inclusive, covering all costs to ride.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your own vehicles and save on fuel.
  • Commuting long distances? Living without transit access in your area? Vanpool is a great solution!


  • Strong friendships are a top reported benefit for many current Vanpoolers.
  • Shared commutes mean less stress and more joy, on and off the clock.
  • Sustainability benefits everyone. Ridesharing unites communities and reduces your individual—and your company’s—emissions footprint.  

The cost to commute

How much does Vanpool cost?

Many factors determine your individual monthly Vanpool cost, such as the number of days you commute, trip mileage and the number of people in your Vanpool.

Use the tool below to calculate your approximate monthly fare. Check with your HR department or Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) to see if your employer covers Metro Vanpool as a transportation benefit.  

Fare Calculator

50 miles
5 people

Total monthly cost for the Vanpool group: $596.00*

Your monthly share: $119.20*

What's included in your monthly fare?

The van, fuel, maintenance, insurance, tolls, roadside assistance and emergency ride home services. 

Emergency Ride Home

As a Metro Vanpool or Vanshare participant, you may be reimbursed for emergency situations when you are unable to ride home with your van. Take a cab or Uber or Lyft home, submit the completed form and your receipt and Metro will reimburse you for the ride.

Download Emergency Ride Home form

Please note, this service is meant to cover commuter van members after any other employer emergency transportation benefits have been used. For example, if your company provides you with benefits under Metro’s ORCA Business Programs, you may qualify for the Home Free Guarantee service. Check with your work administrator for more details.