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Adoption packets

Our Adoption Services assists in limited types of adoptions. We also do reviews of adoption termination, finalization, and review hearings. Adoption packets can be purchased in-person (by appointment) or by written request.

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By appointment only

You must make an appointment for all adoption services, including getting packets. Send questions to the Adoptions Office by calling 206-477-1493 or emailing

Every adoption is unique. If you are looking to adopt, please first buy an adoption packet by contacting our office at or (206-477-1493.) Each packet comes with generic forms and instructions for different types of adoption. You can make changes to the forms for your situation or if you are from outside King County. If you still have questions after following the adoption packet's instructions, please set up an appointment with us.

Frequently asked adoption services questions (280KB)

Types of adoptions

We have the forms for limited types of adoptions including:

  • Adult: Adoption of those 18 years or older.
  • Independent / In Home (Non-agency): When two adoptive parents or one adoptive parent is adopting a child. Both birth parents consent to the adoption. Includes a relative adopting the child. If one birth parent has died, the other birth parent consents to the adoption.
  • International (Re-adoption): Finalizing the adoption in the United States after doing it in another country.
  • Step-parent / Second Parent consenting: If the living birth parent consents to the spouse or partner of the other parent adopting the child. Or, the birth parent is deceased and the spouse or partner of the other birth parent is adopting the child. May also be a partner or spouse of a birth parent adopting a child conceived through assisted reproduction.
  • Step-parent / Second Parent non-consenting: Details about one birth parent are unknown and the spouse or partner of the other birth parent is adopting the child. If you have contacted the birth parent and they did not consent to the adoption, do not use this form. Contact an attorney.

How to buy adoption packets

You must contact the Adoption Paralegal or Family Court Services for these packets. Packets can be sent to you electronically via email or through the U.S. Postal Service. They are also available for pick up by appointment only in the King County Courthouse in Seattle or the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent. Attorneys and those representing themselves can buy adoption packets. Contact the Adoption Paralegal at 206-477-1493 or You can also email or call the Family Court Services information desk at or call 206-477-1500 / 206-477-2740.

Electronic (or in person by appointment) packet costs

The price is $20. We are cashless, so packets are available via debit or credit card.  The processor charges an added $1.49 if you pay with a credit or debit card. Parties in financial hardship can request a fee waiver.

Written requests

The cost is $23.50. Include an in-state check or money order made out to the Office of Financial Management. Include a piece of paper listing which adoption packet you need, your first and last name, a return mailing address and a phone number in case we have questions. 

King County Adoption Services does not provide forms for every type of adoption. Please contact the Adoption Paralegal at 206-477-1493 or if you have questions.


Adoption facilitation appointments

We can help those representing themselves review their adoption packets at appointments. This is an optional service for those who need it. The Adoption Paralegal can only provide procedural and legal information, not legal advice. 

After purchasing an adoption packet from Family Court Services, please call or email in order to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available at both the King County Courthouse in Seattle and the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent. If you would like an interpreter for an adoption appointment with the paralegal, please notify the paralegal when you schedule your appointment. Interpreters are provided free of cost.


It costs $20 to meet with the Adoption Paralegal but it may be reduced to:

  • $10 if you earn less than $20,000 annually (income verification is required)
  • $5 if you are indigent, receiving Disability Benefits of Public Assistance (a copy of your ProviderOne Services card, TANF (cash assistance), or SSI/SSDI is required)
  • $0 if waived by a judicial officer or FCO Management

What to bring

You must bring your adoption packet to your appointment. Fill out the forms as much as you can before your appointment. You can make a copy of the packet to make notes directly on the forms during the meeting.

You may also bring any other documents you feel are important to your process including foreign decree of adoption, death certificate of biological parent, or the child’s birth certificate.