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Adoption records

Learn how to request your adoption records from Washington state and how they are used in Family Law court motions.

King County Superior Court does not control the filing location of adoption records. Those looking to get the filing location and case number of their adoption records must go through the Washington State Department of Health.

All adoption records in Washington are sealed (RCW.26.33.330) even if you had an open adoption or your records were unsealed. You must complete a Petition to Obtain Copies from Sealed Adoption Record form (152KB) and pay every time you need copies.


What the court may need

Obtaining original adoption records helps Adoption Services find the documents for certain court orders. You must hand deliver or mail in all forms and payment.

Obtaining copies from an adoption record

You must fill out a Petition to Obtain Copies from Sealed Adoption Record form (152KB) for certified or non-certified copies from an adoption file by court order (RCW 26.33.330 and LGR 15(e)). Include an in-state check or money order made out to the Office of Financial Management for $30. Send to Adoption Services.

Can't pick up the documents in person?

If you are also either the adoptive parent or adoptee (age 18 or older) and only requesting certified copies of the decree of adoption, please include a photocopy of your current photo identification and a filled-out Declaration and Order for Mailing of Sealed Documents form (87KB).

Non-identifying Adoption Information

Only adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents can request this (RCW 26.33.340). Complete a Non-ID Request Form (75KB) and send it to Adoption Services with an in-state check or money order made out to Office of Financial Management for $60.

Confidential Intermediary Program

If you do not know information about your birth parents or other parties involved in the adoption,, there may be confidentiality issues. A Confidential Intermediary (CI) may be able to assist you in finding adoption information. A CI facilitates contact between parties of an adoption. We review the credentials of the agencies and individuals against state and local standards. Those that meet our standards are added to a list. We have no supervisory or contractual relationship with the CI.

Confidential Intermediary List (72KB)