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Juror safety during COVID-19 - Superior Court

How we are taking steps to keep you safe to join a jury during COVID-19.

The health and safety of all members of our community is important to us. Although we paused jury trials due to COVID-19, we have taken steps to make it safe for jurors once more. Jury service is an important civic duty, and we’re committed to making it a safe experience for all involved.

What we have changed

We want you to know that we have done that work. We looked at the trial process, from selecting jurors for a trial to where jurors deliberate, and added safeguards. If you have served as a jury before, the process may look very different now.

Jury summons process

Jury selection (voir dire) will be held remotely for most. Technology is required to take part in remote jury selection. We will work with you to help enable this option, if desired.

Learn more about remote jury selection

If you are unable to take part in remote jury selection, we will provide an in-person alternative. We can host jury selection in new areas to keep the number of people low.

Most jury trials will be in person, however, this will be a trial by trial decision for the Court.

Keeping the courthouses clean

Protecting the health and safety of the public and courthouse staff is essential. The courtrooms and jury deliberations rooms are cleaned thoroughly every day. High-touch areas are cleaned often. This includes the bathrooms in the courtrooms and hallways. During breaks, jurors can use these facilities that are clean and sanitized.

You can use hand sanitizer gel set up in courtrooms, jury deliberation areas, and public areas. The Court will give breaks so that people may wash and sanitize their hands.

If you don't feel well

If you feel sick, contact your assigned court bailiff. If you begin to show symptoms during or after jury duty, Contact Jury Management immediately or your assigned court bailiff.

Exemptions or rescheduling

Visit our Jury duty exemptions webpage to learn more.