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Respond to your jury summons - Superior Court

What to do after receiving a King County Superior Court jury summons.

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Do not report in-person

Please do not come to the courthouse in person until provided a location, date, and time by the court's bailiff.

Your jury summons

Your Superior Court jury summons postcard will arrive by mail and look like

Screenshot of a Superior Court summons

Read the jury summons from the King County Superior Court carefully. Your response is due as soon as possible.

Plan for 1 day to 2 weeks

If you are not selected for a trial or otherwise assigned by the close of business on the day you begin your jury service you will be discharged. The average trial lasts about two weeks.

Respond online

Please log in to the online Juror Portal using your badge number to confirm that you are legally eligible to serve. Correct or verify your email, phone number, address, and contact information in the Juror Portal.

Only the individual named on the summons should log in to this site. Do not log in to the site if you are not the person named on the summons even if you are their parent, child, or guardian.


If an emergency occurs–a sudden illness, accident, or death in the family that prevents you from serving–tell court staff immediately. You can call 206-477-1320 to speak to a member of the King County Superior Court Jury Department.

Inclement Weather

Please contact the Superior Court emergency information line for the court facility where you are expected to report.

For the King County Courthouse in Seattle call 206-477-1400.

For the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent call 206-477-2600.

Where to report

Before you report, your assigned trial court will contact you. Please do not come to the courthouse in person until provided a location, date, and time by the court's bailiff.

Security screening

You will pass through a security screening checkpoint as you enter either courthouse.

Learn about the items prohibited from King County court facilities (63KB) 

Watch a video describing security screening at courthouse entryways


You are welcome to bring reading material and laptops to use our public wireless internet access.

King County Courthouse in Seattle

Location: 516 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

The entrance into the Seattle Courthouse is currently on 4th avenue only, midway between James and Jefferson streets.

Juror parking

Jurors who intend to drive to the King County Courthouse and intend to request parking validation/reimbursement should contact their assigned bailiff for the current parking validation policy.

Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent

Location: 401 4th Ave North, Kent, WA 98032

Juror parking

Park for free in the garage on the Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) property. When the garage is full overflow parking is available at the ShoWare Center, located on James Street directly across from the entrance to the MRJC parking garage.

Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center

Location: 1211 East Alder Street, Seattle, WA 98122

Juror parking

Public parking is available. The entrance to the parking garage is located on 12th Avenue.