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Request an Accommodation

Accommodations for Clerk's Office Services

If you have a disability and believe you need an accommodation to fully and equally participate in a court activity such as accessing court records, you may request an accommodation.  Accommodation requests are granted to any qualified person with a disability for whom an accommodation is reasonable and necessary under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or under Washington State Court General Rule (GR) 33. A request will be granted unless it would:

  • Be an undue financial or administrative burden;
  • Fundamentally alter the court proceeding; or
  • Threaten someone's safety or well-being.

You may be required to provide additional information for the court to properly evaluate your reasonable accommodation request. If medical or other health information is requested, it will be sealed. You may also ask the court to seal the documents. Generally, five-day advance notice is required to review reasonable accommodation requests. However, a response to an immediate need for accommodation will be provided to the fullest extent possible.

Please complete a Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form to initiate your request and follow the instructions on the form to submit.

Accommodations for Court Proceedings

If you wish to submit an accommodation request for a court proceeding, please follow the instructions HERE.