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Participation Eligibility

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King County Drug Diversion Court

Compassion + Accountability = Recovery

Participation Eligibility

  • Adults charged with eligible property crimes and other drug-related felonies in King County can choose this alternative program. 
  • Program eligibility criteria are agreed upon by the KCDDC Executive Committee.
  • Eligibility Criteria can be found here.

How to Transfer a Case into Drug Court

  • Individuals whose cases have been filed mainstream may ask to have the case reviewed again by the Prosecuting Attorney.
  • Your attorney can request to transfer your case into KCDDC by filling out the Transfer Request Form.
  • The KCDDC Prosecutor and Paralegals can be reached by email at:
  • The King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office can be reached at 206-296-9000.

Opting in to Drug Court

  • Participants are able to try-out the program (including full access to resources) before making a decision about “opting in” or taking their case to the mainstream criminal legal system instead. At opt in, participants sign a Waiver and Agreement as a condition of joining.