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LCR 11. Signing of Pleadings

Local Civil Rule

(a) Self-Represented Parties (Pro Se)

(1) Address of Party Appearing Pro Se. A party appearing pro se shall state on each document filed by him/her, a mailing address for that party, a street address where service can be made on that party and a telephone number where that party can be contacted during the day unless that information is made confidential by statute.

(2) Clerk's File to Indicate Pro Se Appearance. When a party appears pro se, without filing a pleading or other document, the clerk shall cause the party to insert in the file a document indicating that the party has appeared without attorney.

(3) Notice of Rule Requirements. When a party appears in court without an attorney and without filing a written pleading or other document, pursuant to process served upon him/her, the clerk shall deliver to him/her a printed form containing the substance of subsection (a) of this rule, together with appropriate blanks for the name, address and telephone number the party, and shall request the party to file his/her name, a mailing address, a street address where service of process or other papers may be made, and a telephone number where the party can be contacted during the day. The clerk shall make a minute entry that such printed form has been delivered.

[Amended effective September 1, 2001; September 1, 2004; September 1, 2008; September 2, 2014.]