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LJuCR 1.7. Pre-Trial Hearings

Local Juvenile Court Rule

    (a) Scope of Rule. This rule governs pretrial hearings in cases filed under chapter 13.34 RCW, chapter 13.36 RCW, and chapter 13.38 RCW.
    (b) Pre-Trial Hearings.
        (1) Scheduling. The pre-trial hearing will be set in the initial case schedule.
        (2) Continuances. Pretrial hearings may be continued by stipulated order on agreement of all parties so long as the fact-finding date remains unchanged.
    (c) Pre-Trial Order. A pretrial order will be entered at the pretrial hearing if a contested fact-finding hearing will be held.  The order will set forth the expected length of trial, any witness issues, final disclosure dates, and other related matters. Once a pretrial order is signed, the case will be placed on the trial board for assignment.
    (d) Fact Finding Hearing Continuances. If at the pretrial hearing the court continues the fact-finding hearing, the court will enter an order of continuance separate from the pretrial order.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2016; amended effective September 1, 2023.]