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LJuCR 12.1. Truancy Case Assignment Area

Local Juvenile Court Rule - Truancy Proceedings

     (e) Location for Court Proceedings for Truancy Cases Filed in King County; Filing of Documents and Pleadings and Designation of Case Assignment Area.
        (1) Designation of Case Assignment Area.  In order to facilitate the division of cases between the King County Courthouse and the Maleng Regional Justice Center facilities, it is required that from and after the first day of August 1997, each truancy petition filed in the Superior Court shall be accompanied by a Case Assignment Designation Form [in the form set forth in Section (8) below] on which the party filing the initial pleading has designated whether the case fits within the Seattle Case Assignment Area or the Kent Case Assignment Area, under the standards set forth in Sections (2) through (4) below.
        (2) Where Proceedings Held.  Commencing with the 1997-1998 school year, all proceedings of any nature shall be conducted in the case assignment area designated on the Case Assignment Designation Form unless the Court has otherwise ordered on its own motion or upon motion of any party to the action.
        (3) Boundaries of Case Assignment Areas.  For purposes of this rule King County shall be divided into case assignment areas as follows:
            (A) Seattle Case Assignment Area.  The school districts in the Seattle Case Assignment area are: Seattle (1); Mercer Island (400);Vashon (402); Skykomish (404); Bellevue (405); Riverview (407); Snoqualmie (410); Issaquah (411); Shoreline (412); Lake Washington (414); and Northshore (417).
            (B) Kent Case Assignment Area.  The districts in the Kent Case Assignment area are: Federal Way (210); Enumclaw (216); Renton (403); South Central (406); Auburn (408); Tahoma (409); Kent (415); and Highline (401).
            (C) Change of Area Boundaries.  The Presiding Judge may adjust the boundaries between areas when required for the efficient and fair administration of justice in King County.
        (4) Standards for case assignment area designation, and revisions thereof.
            (A) Location Designated by Party Filing Action.  Initial designations shall be made upon filing of the petition alleging truancy and shall be based on the school district that originates the petition.
            (B) Improper Designation/Lack of Designation.  The designation of the improper case assignment area shall not be a basis for dismissal of any action, but may be a basis for imposition of terms.  The lack of designation of case assignment area at initial case filing may be a basis for imposition of terms and will result in assignment to a case assignment area at the Court’s discretion.
            (C) Assignment or Transfer on Court’s Motion.  The Court on its own motion may assign or transfer cases to another case assignment area in the county whenever required for the just and efficient administration of justice in King County.
            (D) Motions by Party to Transfer.  Motions to transfer court proceedings from one case assignment area to another shall be made in writing and shall be ruled on by the Court without oral argument.  All cases shall proceed in the original case assignment area until an order of transfer is entered. Proceedings in the assigned area shall not preclude the timely filing of a motion to transfer. A change of case assignment area designation may be authorized by the Chief Judge of Juvenile Court or by the commissioner regularly assigned to the Truancy Calendars.
            (E) Venue not affected.  This rule shall not affect whether venue is proper in any Superior Court facility in King County.
        (5) Where Pleadings and Documents Filed.  Pursuant to LGR 30, all pleadings and documents for any truancy action in King County must be electronically filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court using the Clerk’s e-filing system. Documents identified as exceptions to mandatory e-filing must be filed in paper form at the court facility in the case assignment area of the case.
        (6) Inclusion of Case Assignment Area Code.  All pleadings and document shall contain after the cause number the case assignment area code assigned by the Clerk for the case assignment area in which court proceedings are to be held.  The Clerk may reject pleadings or documents that do not contain this case assignment area code.
        (7) Case Assignment Designation Form.  The Case Assignment Designation Form shall be in substantially the following form:  


I certify that this case meets the case assignment criteria, described in King County for the:

______ Seattle Area, defined as:
Seattle (1); Mercer Island (400);Vashon (402); Skykomish (404); Bellevue (405); Riverview (407); Snoqualmie (410); Issaquah (411); Shoreline (412); Lake Washington (414); and Northshore (417).

______ Kent Area, defined as:
Federal Way (210); Enumclaw (216); Renton (403); South Central (406); Auburn (408); Tahoma (409); Kent (415); and Highline (401).         

_________________________________            ________________
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[Adopted effective April 14, 1997; September 1, 1999; September 1, 2004; June 1, 2009; September 1, 2015.]