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LJuCR 3.4. Notice and Summons - Scheduling of Fact Finding Hearing

Local Juvenile Court Rule - Dependency Proceedings
    (a) Notice and Summons. Any motion for publication shall (a) include a proposed order setting a date for a termination of publication (TOP) hearing no sooner than 70 days after the filing of the motion and (b) demonstrate that the statutory requirements for publication have been met.
    (b) Advice To Be Contained in Notice. (Reserved)
    (c) Scheduling Fact-Finding Hearing. When a new case is opened by the filing of a petition, the clerk will prepare and file a case schedule. The case schedule will include the date for the fact-finding hearing.
    (d) Indian Children. (Reserved)

[Effective January 2, 1994; amended effective July 1, 1994; March 20, 1997; August 20, 1998; September 1, 2005; September 2, 2013; rescinded effective September 1, 2016; amended effective September 1, 2023.]