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LJuCR 7.12. Plea and Disposition Hearing

Local Juvenile Court Rule - Juvenile Offense Proceedings in Juvenile Court
    (a) A plea and disposition hearing shall be set not more than two weeks after the date of the case setting hearing if the juvenile is out of custody or one weeks after the case setting hearing if the juvenile is detained, except that:  if the disposition would result in a commitment to the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration or if the disposition is for a youth who sexually offended, disposition shall be set three weeks after case setting if the juvenile is out of custody, or two weeks, if the juvenile is detained. When required by good cause, the Court may extend or contract these time limits.
    (b) Probation counselors shall provide the court, the prosecutor and defense counsel with a copy of their written disposition no later than noon the day before the scheduled disposition hearing.
    (c) If either party or the juvenile probation counselor is seeking a manifest injustice disposition, the materials in support of such disposition shall be provided to the court, the non-moving party(ies) and  the juvenile probation counselor, no later than three working days prior to the scheduled disposition hearing.

[Amended September 1, 1981; amended effective September 1, 1983; June 1, 2009, September 1, 2012.]