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LJuCR 9.3. Right to Appointment of Experts in Juvenile Offense Proceedings

Local Juvenile Court Rule - Right to Lawyer and Experts in All Juvenile Court Proceedings
    (c) Services Other Than Counsel. Pursuant to the authority under CrR 3.1(f) and JuCR 9.3, all requests and approval for expert services expenditures are hereby delegated to the King County Department of Public Defense (DPD). Upon finding that investigative, expert or other services are necessary to an adequate defense and that respondent is financially unable to obtain them, the DPD shall authorize the services. Where services are denied in whole or in part, the respondent may move for de novo review to the Chief Juvenile Court Judge. Should respondent seek an order sealing the moving paper or a protective order, respondent shall present, along with the moving papers, a motion and proposed order sealing and/or a proposed protective order to DPD. DPD shall submit the motion to seal and proposed order with the moving papers regarding request for expert services and DPD’s order on the motion for expert services to the Chief Juvenile Court Judge.  

[Adopted effective September 1, 2012.]