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LCAR 1.1. Application of Rules - Purpose and Definitions

Local Civil Arbitration Rule

(a) Purpose. The purpose of arbitration of civil actions under RCW 7.06 as implemented by the Civil Arbitration Rules is to provide a simplified and economical procedure for obtaining the prompt and equitable resolution of disputes involving claims up to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). The Superior Court Civil Arbitration Rules as supplemented by these local rules are not designed to address every question that may arise during the arbitration process, and the rules give considerable discretion to the arbitrator. The arbitrator should not hesitate to exercise that discretion. Arbitration hearings should be informal and expeditious, consistent with the purpose of the statutes and rules.
(b) “Supervisor” Defined. In these rules, “Supervisor” means the Supervisor of Arbitration for the King County Superior Court or the Supervisor’s designee.

[Amended effective June 10, 1982; September 1, 2008; September 1, 2009, September 1, 2020.]