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LCAR 2.3. Assignment to Arbitrator

Local Civil Arbitration Rule

(a) Generally. When a case is set for arbitration, a list of proposed arbitrators will be furnished to the parties. The number of proposed arbitrators is based upon the number of adverse parties in the case. The number of adverse parties shall be determined by the Supervisor, subject to review by the Presiding Judge.
(b) Stipulations. The parties are encouraged to stipulate to an arbitrator. In the absence of a stipulation, the arbitrator will be chosen from among the proposed arbitrators in the manner defined by this rule.
(c) Response by Parties. Each party may, within 14 days after the list of proposed arbitrators is furnished to the parties, nominate one or two arbitrators and strike two arbitrators from the list. If both parties respond, an arbitrator nominated by both parties will be appointed. If no arbitrator has been nominated by both parties, the Supervisor will appoint an arbitrator from among those not stricken by either party.
(d) Response by Only One Party. If only one party responds within 14 days, the Supervisor will appoint an arbitrator nominated by that party.
(e) No Response. If neither party responds within 14 days, the Supervisor will appoint one of the proposed arbitrators.

[Amended effective September 1, 1981; September 1, 2008; September 1, 2009, September 1, 2020.]