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LCAR 3.1. Qualifications

Local Civil Arbitration Rule

(a) Arbitration Panel. There shall be a panel of arbitrators who qualify under RCW 7.06.040 and SCCAR 3.1. A person desiring to serve as an arbitrator shall complete an oath of office and information sheet on the form prescribed by the Court. The Arbitration Department will maintain and make available a list of arbitrators available to hear cases.
(b) Refusal; Disqualification. The appointment of an arbitrator is subject to the right of that person to refuse to serve. An arbitrator must notify the Supervisor immediately if refusing to serve or if any cause exists for the arbitrator’s disqualification from the case upon any of the grounds of interest, relationship, bias or prejudice set forth in CJC Rule 2.11 governing the disqualification of Judges. If disqualified, the arbitrator must immediately return all materials in a case to the Supervisor.

[Amended effective November 27, 2007; September 1, 2009; September 1, 2018; September 1, 2020.]