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Projects - environment, ecology and conservation

Environmental projects that restore fish and wildlife habitat, improve water quality, reduce flood risk and manage stormwater.
Healthy wetland side channel along the Green River
King County works on environmental projects along rivers and on degraded land to restore clean water and healthy habitat. This work increases biodiversity while reducing risk of extinction for threatened and endangered species such as Chinook salmon and steelhead, helping them regenerate and thrive again.

Habitat restoration projects

Fall City Floodplain Restoration Project

Snoqualmie River project to open up off-channel habitat for endangered salmon and trout species and restore natural processes while improving protection from floods and erosion.

Lower Miller River Floodplain Restoration Project

Restoration actions in the lower mile of the Miller River near Skykomish, WA to improve habitat for threatened salmon species and reduce flood risks.

Lower Frew Levee Setback Project (Tolt River)

Project in the City of Carnation will reduce flood risks and improve habitat along the lower Tolt River.

McSorley Creek Shoreline and Estuary Restoration Project

Puget Sound shoreline restoration project at Saltwater State Park would remove rock armoring, restore natural beach processes and make McSorley Creek easier for fish to swim into.

Molasses Creek Fish Barrier and Habitat Improvement Study

Cedar River tributary project potentially to daylight a quarter mile section of pipe that connects a forested ravine with wetlands that provide good fish habitat.

Rutledge Johnson Partial Levee Removal and Floodplain Restoration

Salmon habitat improvement project at the mouth of Taylor Creek at the Cedar River that manages risk of floods and erosion around the site.

Chinook Wind Mitigation Project

Estuary wetland project along the Duwamish River in the City of Tukwila provides off-channel aquatic and intertidal mud flat habitat, marsh and riparian habitat.

Riverbend Levee Setback and Floodplain Restoration

Habitat improvement along the Cedar River east of Renton that restores river processes to improve spawning and rearing habitat for salmon while reducing flood risks and improving public access.

Stream bug seeding project

A novel strategy to re-establish aquatic insect communities in King County streams.

Green stormwater infrastructure effectiveness monitoring

Study of water quality results from green stormwater infrastructure.

Estimating toxics loadings to the Lake Washington Watershed

Project to develop numeric tools to understand how to reduce contaminant concentrations in Lake Washington fish.

The Restore and Protect Project

How King County has advanced efforts to restore and protect streams across Puget Sound.

Oyster Shell Catch Basin Retrofit, Mercer Island

Test results of a novel stormwater treatment method using oyster shells.


Fish Passage Restoration Program

Clearing the way for migrating fish species to return home and regenerate the runs of the past.

Small Habitat Restoration Program

Submit a project idea to improve habitat and support biodiversity in your neck of the woods.

Stormwater Capital Services

Projects that manage stormwater while protecting and improving water quality and aquatic habitat.

River and Floodplain Management

Investments in flood protection that also improve habitat in river systems.