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Partnership for parks

An image showing a crowded concert at Marymoor Park

Through our Partnerships for Parks initiative, we establish corporate partnerships that increase recreational opportunities for King County residents and generate new revenue to support the operations and maintenance of our 28,000-acre system. We strive to ensure that corporate partnerships reflect the aesthetic and values of King County Parks in supporting vibrant communities and healthy lifestyles.

These partnerships provide critical financial support for our parks! In 2013, King County voters approved a six-year levy, which funds about 70% of the costs associated with operating and maintaining our parks and trails. The value of initiatives such as Partnership for Parks helps leverage King County taxpayers’ investment by generating additional revenue and creating efficiencies that keep our parks open and safe for all to enjoy.

Every year, King County Parks works with dozens of local businesses as part our Partnership for Parks program. From concessions to concerts to corporate sponsorships, we can work with you to make our 5 million visitors your next customers! Share with us your Big Ideas.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact: Ryan Dotson