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Community Partnerships and Grants

A team rows on lake Sammamish

About This Grant Program

For nearly two decades, the Community Partnerships and Grants (CPG) Program has worked to empower community partners, such as sports associations, recreation clubs, and other non-profit organizations to construct, develop, program and/or maintain new or enhanced public recreation facilities on King County-owned lands.

How it Works

King County contributes use of land and capital improvement grants for successful partnership proposals. Community partners contribute the necessary additional capital, in-kind resources, and volunteer time to develop the new, or enhanced facility. Groups often take on an element of operations, maintenance, and programming of the facility through a long-term agreement with Parks.


There are currently more than 50 CPG projects in various stages of development and implementation, including preliminary discussions, initial negotiations, pre-planning, design development, permitting, construction, and completed projects with ongoing operations.

We also engage in ongoing partnerships with Forterra, Mountains to Sound, and Washington Trails Association to help care for our public lands.

Learn more about our partners and projects in the CPG Story Map series.