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Cougar/Squak Corridor

A view looking over the treetops at the top of Cougar-Squak

About the Park

Cougar, Squak and Tiger Mountains, also known as “the Issaquah Alps,” rise above Lake Sammamish and together provide more than 15,000 acres of connected public forest lands. There are more than 100 miles of connected trails and the dense forests and wilderness are home to numerous birds and wildlife.

Cougar/Squak Corridor Park is a 730-acre valley between Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Parkand Squak Mountain State Park, creating contiguous 5,000 acres of public land. This forested park protects the headwaters of a salmon-bearing stream.

There are about three miles of gravel roads winding through an area of the park that used to be a car-camping campground. The 2.5 mile Margaret's Way trail, beginning at the Squak Mountain Lodge, is named for Margaret Macleod, a trails and open space advocate who was responsible for the preservation of hundreds of acres of open space in the Issaquah Alps, including the Cougar-Squak Mountain Corridor. Near the top of the park, Margaret's Way connects to Chybinski Loop Trail, Debbie's View Trail, and many other trails connecting to Squak Mountain State Park.

Park activities and facilities


Dog walking

Nature observation


Porta pottie

No mountain biking


10610 Renton Issaquah Rd. SE, Issaquah WA 98027

Nearby Bus Stops

Year-round: Buses at the Issaquah Transit Center


Trailhead Direct


There is a gravel parking area at the park entrance on 190 Ave SE.


Margaret's Way: From the Cougar/Squak Corridor Park parking area, head toward the Squak Mountain Lodge.

East Ridge Trailhead: From within Issaquah city limits, at Sunrise Place SE and Sycamore Drive SE.

West Access Trailhead is accessible off Renton-Issaquah Road, SR-900.

Bullitt Fireplace Trailhead: off of Mountainside Drive SE.

Park History

Prior to public ownership, Cougar-Squak Corridor Park was the site of Issaquah Highlands Recreation Club, a decades-old campground with 100+ campsites throughout the forest along sinuously looping gravel roads, a community lodge with a kidney-shaped swimming pool.

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Final Cougar/Squak Corridor Site Management Guidelines