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Job notifications and application tips

King County Wastewater Treatment Division is hiring. Get job notifications and learn what makes a good application.

Get notified about new wastewater positions:

Search KC Jobs and set up automatic notifications for any job category of interest.

  • Be sure to check the “Wastewater” box to get notified when any new position is posted.
  • You can also further refine the list to include “internship” to see any internships in King County, not just those in WTD.

Future job postings: what are we looking for?

While WTD is gearing up to hire dozens of new staff in the next year, there may be lags between job postings. If that’s the case, the following position descriptions of past hiring efforts provide examples of the kinds of skills and experiences WTD is looking for.

Note: Actual, future job postings will be different, so be sure to read them carefully before you submit your application.

What makes a good application?

  • Cross-walk your skills/experience/aptitude to the job duties and experiences noted.
  • The bar is lower for entry-level or “I” jobs. If in doubt, go for it!
  • If allowed, be sure to submit a cover letter that shares why you want to work for us. Consider sharing how working for WTD appeals to you and why you’d want to build a career in wastewater treatment.
  • Look us up! We tell potential employees and the general public a lot about us at Wastewater Treatment Division, King County, Washington.
  • Avoid uncommon acronyms or buzz words.
  • See also: application FAQs.