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Lock It Up: Promoting the safe storage of firearms

LOCK IT UP campaign logo

King County's Lock It Up program mission is to promote safety in our communities by increasing safe firearm storage.

Here you will find information on:

  • Why it's important to store firearms safely
  • Safe storage device options
  • How to practice safe storage at home
  • How to encourage others to store firearms safely

Did you know...

  • About one in 5 adults in King County say a firearm is kept in or around their home?
    • * About a third of firearm owners   with kids and half of firearm owners without kids don't store their firearms locked up?
  • In 2020, 177 King County residents died of firearm injuries, and in 2019 169 people were hospitalized with injuries from being shot?
  • 857 incidents of stolen firearms were reported to King County law enforcement agencies in 2020?
    • 38% of those reported thefts were from motor vehicles?
  • 75% of firearms used in suicides of children were stored unlocked?

Storing guns locked up when they're not on you is the best way to prevent curious kids from getting hurt with firearms, youth and adults in crisis from using a family firearm for suicide, and firearms from being stolen and misused by others.


The Lock It Up program has received funding from the Department of Commerce’s Office of Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention for this biennium to expand our safe storage promotion work throughout Washington State. We will be collaborating across the state with other Local Health Jurisdictions and their community partners, community violence intervention organizations, and local advocacy organizations to encourage people who use firearms to store them securely and distribute safe storage devices. This project is guided by an advisory group that includes health care providers, military partners, researchers, and community leaders. Our partnerships intend to broaden the reach of the Lock It Up program and evaluate the effectiveness of program implementation.

Spread the message. Display Lock It Up posters and brochures.
Firearm Locking Devices brochure (1.3 Mb)

Screenshot of the LOCK IT UP brochure