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PSB Internship Program

Join the Performance, Strategy, and Budget (PSB) team as a summer intern to gain valuable experience in the public sector while contributing to meaningful projects and initiatives. 

2024 Internships

Every summer, PSB invites undergraduate and graduate students to spend 10-12 weeks with us as part of our public service internship program. Interns gain hands-on experience, professional development opportunities, and a chance to make a real impact in their communities. Be sure to apply for one the 2024 internships before the application window closes on March 17:

Internship Program Overview

Whether you're interested in government, private sector, nonprofit organizations, or community service, our program offers a well-rounded approach to help students from diverse backgrounds grow and succeed.

As part of our intern cohort, you’ll have an opportunity to gain:

  • Hands-on experience: Work alongside project managers and others to complete meaningful projects and initiatives, gaining practical skills and experience along the way.
  • Mentorship: Receive guidance and support from experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your role and grow as a future leader in public service.
  • Professional development: Participate in workshops, field trips, training sessions, and networking events focused on developing your skills, knowledge, and understanding of public sector opportunities.
  • Exposure: Gain insight into the inner workings of government, interact with government officials, community leaders, and your fellow interns to develop relationships and learn from each other.
  • Opportunities for impact: Make a difference in the lives of others by contributing to projects and initiatives that address pressing social issues, promote equality and justice, and improve public services for all members of our community. 
Who We're Looking For

Are you a curious, smart, and collaborative person who is committed to serving others and making a positive impact in their communities?

The PSB summer internship program may be the right opportunity for you. We value diversity, inclusion and belonging in our workplace and workforce. We encourage people of all backgrounds and identities to apply, including Native Americans and people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, LGBTQ+, people living with disabilities, and veterans.

If you're a student who is passionate about public service and eager to learn and grow, we want to hear from you!


Interning with PSB was the best decision I could have made last summer. I was met with extensive support from my supervisors and professional development opportunities, and I loved being able to see how impactful regional government can be. I’m extremely proud of what I was able to accomplish building the Open Budget Dashboard and wouldn’t be where I am today without the experiences I had working for King County.
Ryan Reamy, former intern

Initially, I expected typical office work, but the reality was far beyond that. I never imagined I would gain in-depth knowledge about how our county operates, attend meetings with highly exceptional experts within King County, learn from them, and absorb as much knowledge as possible. I had the opportunity to network and participate in meetings across various departments, including the Physical Environment Executive Analysts Team. I went on field trips to county-owned properties, such as landfills, and learned about bridge and road engineering. This experience also introduced me to an incredible manager who not only made me feel valued and belonged but also exemplified the ideal relationship between managers and their employees through respect, value, and a constructive approach to teaching rather than reprimanding. Engaging with the community both internally and externally was an unexpected aspect of my role, igniting a deep sense of pride in my county and its endeavors. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who is even slightly curious about the different opportunities within our county. It is one of the best places to be surrounded by a wealth of experience, knowledge, and networking opportunities. I truly do miss my time with the county and hoping for more opportunities in the near future as it is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.
- Zena Al-Mohanawy, former intern

Over the last several years I have had a chance to supervise several interns.  I genuinely enjoy seeing them develop and grow professionally, especially building their confidence in the workplace.  The biggest joy comes after the internship, when I see them finish their degree and start their career. 
- Brad Steinmetz, former intern supervisor

In my role as the Federal funding and performance reporting intern, I supported the finalization of the 2023 recovery plan report. I also worked on the creation and execution of the report communication strategy upon its completion. Interning at PSB however was more than just the specific roles/projects that I was expected to complete. The cohort design of the internship gave me the opportunity to connect, learn from and collaborate with a diverse group of brilliant interns. The weekly intern professional development sessions served as a great opportunity to build on key professional skills while also giving us time to connect with different PSB staff members and leadership. The visits to multiple county run facilities such as the Solid Waste Facility and the Election Facility also served as a great learning opportunity. Lastly through this internship we all had multiple opportunities to connect and network with leadership and staff members both within and outside of the department. It was through the encouragement, guidance and support of my supervisor Abby and PSB staff member Consuelo that I was able to connect with staff from the public health department and secure a capstone project for my MPH. Interning with PSB helped me grow personally, academically and professionally. I am so grateful to my supervisor, PSB team members and my cohort members for all their support in the short time we spent working together. I wish the incoming cohort the best!
​ - Ayan Ali, former intern
Interning at PSB over the summer with the Regional Planning team was an incredibly valuable experience that challenged me to grow professionally, allowed me to apply the skills I'd developed in grad school in a professional environment, and stretched my understanding of how the county operates on the executive level both internally and within the community. I was entrusted by my team to make meaningful contributions to a variety of projects and deliverables, and was really able to take ownership over my work and professional goals. Our intern cohort went on several exciting field trips that showcased many of the unique ways King County operates large scale programs and services, including a tour of the elections office and the county's regional landfill. We also had numerous opportunities to interact with and learn from county leaders, attend professional development trainings, and develop new skills. As an intern, the PSB office was a wonderfully supportive environment, full of staff and leadership that are invested in your growth and learning! 
- Olivia Reed, former intern
I was a PSB intern and then had the opportunity to manage an intern myself in PSB. I think the best thing about it is being given an opportunity early in your career to really own a project or a process and move it forward over the course of a summer. Interns are able to have a lasting impact on the work of the County and apply the skills learned in the classroom to the work of a local government. 
- Nathaniel Bennett, former intern and intern supervisor