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Strategic Advisory Council

The King County Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) advises the County Executive on developing long-term strategic objectives, and on planning and implementing information technology deployment countywide. Members include elected leaders of King County agencies as defined in King County Code; and representatives of public and private sector organizations selected by King County executive and the County chief information officer.

Links to meeting information (agenda, materials, minutes) are included below, as are links to biography information on each SAC member.


  • Develop and recommend strategic objectives for information technology deployment countywide;

  • Review business application proposals for their alignment with adopted strategic objectives;

  • Review and endorse the information technology strategic plan and all updates to it; and

  • Review policy-related transmittals to the county council that are proposed by the King County executive for large countywide information technology projects, such as the business cases.

  • The King County Executive shall serve as the chair of the Strategic Advisory Council.

King County Internal Members

  • Dow Constantine - SAC Chair, KC Executive
  • Dave Upthegrove - KC Council
  • Matthew York - KC District Court Presiding Judge
  • Ketu Shah - KC Superior Court Presiding Judge
  • John A. Wilson - King County Assessor
  • Julie Wise - Director, Elections 
  • Megan Clarke - KC Chief Information Officer
  • Patti Cole-Tindall - KC Sheriff
  • Leesa Manion - KC Prosecuting Attorney
  • Private and Public Sector Members