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Strategy and Governance

IT Governance Overview  

In July 2001, the King County Council, in cooperation with the Executive, created and adopted an information technology governance structure (Ordinance #14155), establishing the Strategic Advisory Council, Business Management Council, Technology Management Board, and Project Review Board. The purpose of these groups is to advise the CIO in establishing countywide IT policies and provide central oversight for technology investments.

Strategic Advisory Council

Advises the King County Executive in developing long-term strategic objectives for technology deployment countywide.

Project Review Board

Advises the CIO in implementing the project management guidelines developed by the central IT project management office.

Business Management Council

Advises the CIO in developing short-term, mid-term, and strategic business objectives for IT; recommends information technology proposals for funding and in developing standards, policies, and guidelines.

Technology Management Board

Advises the CIO on technical issues, including policies and standards for privacy and security, applications, infrastructure, and data management

Countywide IT Policies

The purpose of the information technology governance process countywide program is to develop and promote standards, policies, guidelines and methodologies for privacy, security, project management, application development, wireless, messaging, remote access, outside contractors, and disaster recovery.