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School Pathways - School Zone Safety Program

Road Services relocated a crosswalk and signal south of Cottage Lake Elementary to connect to a new sidewalk which helps students safely cross Avondale Road NE.

Status update

Winter 2024

Our School Zone Safety Program projects have been identified for 2024. They include signage, crosswalks, and lighting improvements around school communities. Please read below for more information on our projects in unincorporated King County.


The School Zone Safety Program focuses on improving safety for students and pedestrians along designated school walking routes by enhancing pedestrian-visibility on crosswalks through signage and flashing beacons, reducing congestion and speeds during school designated hours, and adding new or improving existing pedestrian walkways within, or adjacent to, school zones.

Pathways separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic either by extending existing sidewalks or by installing a curb-separated walkway. Pathways also provide students and pedestrians with a designated path to marked crosswalks.

King County works with neighborhoods and school districts to identify potential pedestrian pathway safety improvements along designated school walking routes.

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