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Capital delivery

Design standards for CAD, specifications and other reference files.


Transit Facility Square Footage
Updated April 2014. Amount of areas for Transit facility structures and properties.


King County Metro CAD standards
Updated March 2024

Please contact Dianne Bennett or Jeff Suter for the most current CAD template and support files.

Design standards

Engineering Services Design Standards
Published March 2024

Design Quality Assurance Plan
Published April 2022

Guide specifications

Contact the project manager or project engineer for appropriate specs.

Passenger and route facilities

Transit Route Facilities Guidelines
Metro Transit route facilities design guidelines, updated 2018.

Passenger Facility Standard Details
Updated May 2022

For AutoTURN vehicle templates please contact Allan Lampa.

Trolley standards

Trolley Overhead Standards SA Drawings
Addendum dated August 2023. Original set published December 2021.

Trolley Standards SP Drawings-Pole Purchase Requirements
Updated November 2021