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Northgate Transit-Oriented Development Project

Future vision

In the years ahead, Metro will evaluate the evolving service needs of the area. We will align these needs with plans for equitable Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) on adjacent parcels. This envisions a future market-rate housing and mixed-use retail project. Currently, these adjacent parcels will continue to serve as a park-and-ride and bus layover.

Project overview


Northgate Transit Center


Phase 1 of the project spans from 2023 to 2025, with key milestones and deliverables planned throughout this period.


King County, together with nonprofit partners BRIDGE Housing Corporation and Community Roots Housing (CRH), are transforming King County Metro-owned land into 232 affordable housing units. This development will be strategically situated near the Northgate Link light rail station and Northgate Park & Ride D. The King County Council approved the development agreement in 2021, securing a 75-year lease.

Impact on transit users and travel

Due to construction, the northern section of the Northgate Park & Ride D is permanently closed. We recognize that this closure may require a change for our customers and have travel and parking options available. Explore the links below for information on reaching Northgate through transit, carpooling, vanpooling, biking, or walking, and discover alternative parking options.

Alternate travel options

Parking options

Alternate travel options

Bus and rail

You have several options for getting around without driving. Discover the convenience of transit services, located near the Northgate Link Station and within the station itself. To plan your next trip, make use of our Trip Planner tool.

Trip Planner

Bikes and scooters

If you're riding your bike, there are secure bike lockers at the plaza of the Northgate Link Station and on the corner of the northbound access lane and 103rd Street, providing a place to park your bike in addition to the bike racks in the plaza. Please follow the posted rules when taking your bike on the train or when using the bike racks on the front of the buses.

Bike Share and Scooter Share options are also available around Northgate. Be sure to park your device at the designated corrals at Northgate Station: one is located outside the south entrance on 1st Avenue and one is located at the bike racks at the north entrance next to the stairs off 1st Avenue.

About bikes and transit

How to use Scooter Share and Bike Share

Car Sharing

Car Sharing is available in Seattle, including Northgate. Follow the rules for each service on where parking is permitted. Transit riders can use the vehicles left by a previous car share user after getting off transit, there is quicker turnover of parking stalls.

About Car Sharing

Vanpool or Vanshare

Share the driving and commuting costs by joining a Vanpool or Vanshare near you. The cost of fuel, tolls, insurance, maintenance, and more is included in one low monthly fare.

About Vanpool and Vanshare

Parking solutions

Existing park-and-ride facilities will remain available during TOD construction:

  • Northgate Park & Ride A: Levels B1-B4 offer free, first-come, first-serve parking. Rooftop parking is reserved for retail customers, subject to parking rates. Free carpool permits are available in Northgate Park & Ride A
  • Northgate Park & Ride B: Free, first-come, first-serve parking; no permit required.
  • Northgate Park & Ride C: Free parking spaces for transit customers Monday-Friday 6 am to 8 pm on Floor P2 designated with orange numbers and orange columns. Floor P1 and non-orange sections of P2 are exclusively for retail and residential parking, and general Thornton Place Garage rules and regulations apply.
  • Northgate Park & Ride D: Free parking at the former Northgate Transit Center East Park & Ride. Southern section of Park & Ride D available to transit customers. Use the southern entrance on NE 100th St.
  • Northgate Station Garage offers free parking on the first and second levels from Monday to Friday (5 am to 9 am). After 9 am and on weekends, regular rules and parking fees apply.

Parking information

About carpool permits