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King County Metro is committed to keeping transit safe for all. Our Code of Conduct makes clear that, “All harassment – physical, verbal, intimidation – is wrong.” Offenders may be subject to removal, fines and criminal charges.

Even if an emergency response is not necessary, please let Metro know through the online contact form or our customer service office if you experience an incident. Reporting allows us to better allocate resources and to continue to improve the customer experience.


It’s OK to Say, That’s Not OK


Depending on the situation and a rider’s comfort level, there are three actions choose from:



Tell your driver


Fill out an online comment form


Call or text 9-1-1 if there in an emergency.

Available in King County but not nationwide, “Text-to-9-1-1” is helpful for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired or in an unsafe situation.

Keep transit safe for all

Across our transit system, you will see large, multilingual “It’s OK to Say, That’s Not OK” signs. Developed in coordination with community members and employees, the campaign raises awareness of the expectations for respectful behavior.

While Metro created this campaign at the request of and in partnership with organizations that are disproportionately affected by harassment and violence, the visuals intentionally do not show specific communities to avoid amplifying hate or reinforcing stereotypes.

Languages include English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.