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Media inquiries and resources

Learn how to get answers to your questions as a media professional.


Our media team functions like some of your news assignment desks, fielding inquiries from around the county, country, and world. Some days we get 5 requests and other times it might be over 50 in an hour, depending on the news of the day and significance of the topic and situation. In situations where multiple reporters are asking for the same information, to maximize resources and distribute information in a timely manner, we may send a group email bcc’ing all recipients.


All questions and requests for information related to the work of our office (including case details, court records, and media interviews) should be made through this email:

You are always welcome to call, but email may be the most effective means for requesting information, especially court records.

Closed requests

We may consider a request closed when we respond to your question or request and you don’t respond back to us within 48 hours.

High profile requests

We may send out broad emails with updates about cases that have received significant media attention. We may include reporters who have asked for updates but can add you to our distribution list if you make a request.

First appearance

Questions related to an individual’s first appearance in court and possible charging information, should be submitted by 1 pm that day.

  • While we try to answer all requests the same day, criminal activity and court calendar/schedule length are out of our control. Some requests may be answered later.
  • Due to our limited staff and resources, we are unable to attend, in person, every first appearance in court or at the jail, but will work to get you information in a timely manner.
  • Occasionally the court calendar goes past 4:30 pm. If this is the case, we cannot guarantee your request will be filled that day due to resources and staffing limitations.

In your email to include:

  • Subject line: Media outlet - Individual’s full name
  • First and last name; middle initial is helpful
  • Providing the date of birth (DOB) is helpful

Attending court sessions

You are always encouraged to go to court sessions, calendars or hearings so you can obtain information about probable cause, bail amounts, and next appearances in person. Those are decided by a judge. Additional case information can be found in the official court files.