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Post-conviction assistance

Learn how Washington State law gives people with criminal convictions ways to start over and clean up their record.

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This page is not legal advice

Washington State Law and The Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office from providing legal advice to members of the general public. If you require legal assistance, contact a public defender or the King County Bar Association.

Not everyone can take advantage of these laws but if you have stayed out of trouble and think you have done everything the judge required - it's time to find out if you are eligible. The Post-Conviction Assistance Unit may be able to assist you with:

  • Vacating old convictions
  • Figuring out your criminal conviction history
  • Locating and quashing old warrants

If you have a post-conviction question, take a look at the areas below and we will try to direct you to the appropriate place.

After reviewing the information relevant to you, if you believe you have gathered all your necessary paperwork, you can email it to and we will review your case.

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