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How to modify a No Contact Order

How to drop or change a No Contact Order

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This page is not legal advice

Washington State Law and The Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office from providing legal advice to members of the general public. If you require legal assistance, contact a public defender or the King County Bar Association.

Each court has different policies and rules about how and whether a No Contact Order (NCO) can be "dropped" (recalled or terminated). Some courts allow the victim of the case to attend any of the defendant's scheduled hearings to speak about the NCO. Other courts have special calendars set for these matters.

In order to find out the best information about your particular order, call the court that issued the order.

If you do not have a copy of the order and you know it is a felony charge, get a copy by contacting:

Wendy Ross
Phone: 206-477-1195

If you know it is a misdemeanor charge, call your local district court (if the crime occurred in unincorporated King County) or local municipal court (if the crime occurred within the city limits).