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Remote proceedings

We hold proceedings remotely by Zoom for all proceedings. The log-in information is included in our notice that we issue well in advance of the proceeding date.

For applications, where the examiner issues a recommendation to Council, we offer a second option for the public to walk into the King County Courthouse at the location listed in our Notice of Hearing, to sit in front of a screen to view the hearing by Zoom and provide public comment. More details are included in our notice. If you would like a copy of our notice, please contact us.

Zoom guidance

The King County Council Hearing Examiner hosts conferences and hearings by Zoom. Anyone concerned with proceeding by video/phone or who needs a special accommodation may contact our office.

These Zoom documents provide basic guidance for conducting remote examiner proceedings. Please download the Zoom Technical Guidelines for technical support and to the Zoom Hearing Procedural Protocols for additional remote hearing guidance.