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Hearing Examiner

Welcome! We are appointed by the Metropolitan King County Council to provide a fair, efficient, and inclusive public hearing process. We are neutral decision-makers, like judges, hearing applications and appeals involving many county administrative determinations.

About the Hearing Examiner

Learn more about the Hearing Examiner's work and the types of hearings they hold.

Hearing guides

View and download our guides that explain our hearing process.

Hearing rules of procedure and mediation

Download our Rules of Procedure and Mediation.

Hearing calendar

View a monthly calendar of examiner's scheduled proceedings.

Remote proceedings

We hold proceedings remotely by Zoom. Download our Zoom guidance.

Case digest: decisions and recommendations

Download final determinations of appeals and applications going back to 1996.

Common regulations

See county and state regulations that can affect Hearing Examiner proceedings.

Annual reports

Download reports the Hearing Examiner prepares for the Council.

Interpreter policy and rates

View and download our interpreter policy and process.