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Common regulations

View county and state regulations that can affect Hearing Examiner proceedings. 

State regulations and statutes

RCW 16.08 dogs: Dogs  (can provide some perspective on King County Code chapter 11.04)

RCW 46.72 transportation of passengers: Transportation of Passengers in For Hire Vehicles

RCW 36.70B permit processing: Local project review

RCW 84.34 current use tax assessment: Open space, agricultural, timber lands - current use - conservation futures

RCW 36.87 road vacation: Roads and bridges – vacation

RCW 90.58 shoreline management: Shoreline management act of 1971

RCW 43.21C SEPA: State environmental policy

WAC 173-27 shoreline management rules: Shoreline management permit and enforcement procedures

RCW 58.17 subdivision: Plats – subdivisions – dedications

WAC 197-11 SEPA rules: SEPA rules