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Mindfulness classes

Mindfulness classes

Reduce stress and improve well-being

Through a partnership with Mindfulness Northwest, Balanced You offers Mindfulness classes, available to all employees. The courses support and provide relevant information to employees working to reduce stress and improve well-being.

Mindfulness is the simple yet powerful ability of the mind to attend more fully to the present moment’s experience. Cultivating mindfulness results in many benefits for mental and physical health, well-being, and happiness. Mindfulness works at the interface between the mind and our experience of our life.


How to participate

Take a class

We are offering free online Mindfulness Classes to all King County employees. Days and topics vary week-to-week. Visit the Balanced You blog for the most current class schedule here.

Mindfulness videos

In addition to live classes, Balanced You has also partnered with Mindfulness Northwest to develop a series of on-demand videos ranging from four to 14 minutes long. These videos can be used alone at home or in the office, or can be integrated into team meetings. Click here for more information.

Additional resources

Stay connected

Please share your feedback with the team at Balanced You so we can spread good ideas, share success stories, and bring new tools to help you feel energized and be your best. The more you tell us, the better Balanced You will be!


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