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Deferred Compensation Plan

Deferred Compensation Plan

If you are a benefits-eligible employee, you can choose to participate in King County’s 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan to assist in your long-term retirement planning. You can elect either pre-tax or after-tax (ROTH) contributions in an array of investment choices from T. Rowe Price.

You decide how much to defer through payroll deduction—up to the specified IRS contribution limits:

  • 2023: $22,500 per year ($30,000 if you’re 50 or older)

For plan details, see the Deferred Compensation Plan Document.

Education Sessions

To learn more, check out the Deferred Compensation Plan education sessions, offered to all employees:

Register for webinars

Schedule a virtual check-in

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For plan details, tools, and resources: T. Rowe Price or 888-457-5770

For enrollment information: King County Deferred Compensation Coordinator, Osceola (O.C) Collier, 206-263-9250,
or KC Deferred Comp

Additional employee contacts and resources

Deferred Compensation Board

A board of current and retired King County employee representatives oversees the plan with the assistance of an independent financial consultant. The King County Employees Deferred Compensation Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month and all employees and participants are welcome.

Agenda and location

Board meeting minutes Aug. 2023

Board meeting minutes June 2023

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Board meeting minutes Feb. 2023

Board meeting minutes Jan. 2023

Board meeting minutes Oct. 2022

Benefits and retirement

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Fax: 206-296-7700

Phone hours:
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. weekdays

Fax: 206-296-7678