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Get real world experience with us

Our goal is to be the best-run government in the nation by investing in our employees. We will accomplish this by embracing continuous improvement, instituting best management practices and empowering our employees to use their experiences to join us in our goal.

We look to foster an environment of growth and innovation, developing the talent and skills of our employees, especially our student interns.


Current high school, undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning more about public service, gaining real-world professional experience and becoming involved in the government sector.


Internships give motivated people the opportunity to get experience working within King County, one of the nation’s best-run governments, and introduces them to perspectives, techniques and opportunities available through public sector work. Internships offer:

  • Flexible time periods depending on need and preference, ranging from three months to one year
  • Real world experience, including competitive pay based on type of internship
  • Year-round part time or full-time positions within King County agencies


The internship offers people the chance to connect with professionals in their field, and jump in to gain experience and develop the needed skills to become future public sector leaders.

Contact us

Internships are available on a seasonal basis. To learn more, download the Contacts List.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding our internship opportunities.

How often do positions open?

Positions open up as opportunities within each department are made available. You will need to regularly check the Contacts List to see what is currently open.

Is every position paid?

Not every position is paid. This depends on the specific department’s budget and abilities.

Will I be doing real work or just making copies?

This program looks to build on the education and academic excellence of each student, while providing real world experience in the government sector. The program intends to introduce our interns to the role King County plays in meeting the varied needs of a diverse community.

Do I have the chance to meet other people?

Interns regularly connect with people from many levels within their department, and often are able to network with each other as well. The program encourages developing professional networks with personnel from across the County, and seek to provide interns the opportunity to develop their professional contacts.

What do I do if there’s no available positions open?

We encourage you to follow the department you are interested in working with through social media, and participate in any community outreach events to meet staff firsthand and become acquainted with our County priorities.