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Program guidelines

Program guidelines

Businesses and organizations occasionally seek to offer discounts to King County employees. If these businesses or organizations meet the guidelines below, discounts will be made available to employees as listed on the King County Intranet as well as on Discounts serve as an additional benefit to being a valued King County employee and will support King County’s economy, help to promote vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities, and safeguard and enhance King County’s natural resources and environment in line with the King County Strategic Plan.

To qualify for the King County Employee Discount Program List, a business or organization must meet the following guidelines:

  1. The business or organization must include the discounted price with the specific dollar amount or percentage off regular price.
  2. The offer must be available to all King County employees. A King County identification badge or email address should be accepted as sufficient proof that the individual is a King County employee and eligible for the discount.
  3. Locations where the discount is applicable must be identified.
  4. The business or organization must be willing to handle any inquiries related to the discount directly with the employee. The contact name, phone number and email address must be included for employee inquiries.
  5. Discount proposals must be submitted by email to

King County will review all submissions on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to refuse or remove any employee discount from the employee discount program at any time without notice.

Employee discounts will not be accepted if they include any of the following content:

  1. Adult/Mature Rated Films, Television or Video Games. Adult films rated “X” or “NC-17”, television rated “MA” or video games rated “A” or “M”
  2. Adult Entertainment Facilities. Adult book stores, adult video stores, nude dance clubs and other entertainment establishments    
  3. Other Adult Services. Adult telephone services, adult internet sites and escort services
  4. Alcohol. Beer, wine, distilled spirits or any alcoholic beverage licensed and regulated under Washington law, however, this prohibition shall not prohibit discounts for a restaurant that is open to minors
  5. Firearms. Firearms, ammunition or other firearms-related products
  6. Tobacco. Tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, electronic, smokeless, sniffing or chewing tobacco 

For questions about the program, please contact

Disclaimer: King County does not guarantee the financial stability, proper licensure and professional certifications, and/or fair business practices of a business or organization and does not warrant or assume any responsibility related to the performance of the service/products provided. The Employee Discount Program List does not in any way constitute the County’s endorsement of any organization, the beliefs of the organization or group, nor does it provide an expression of any opinion regarding the recommendation, retention, election or defect of any issue.