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About the Eastrail Regional Advisory Council

About the Eastrail Regional Advisory Council

Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) ownership map
Eastrail property ownership map (pdf)

Eastrail is owned and managed by King County, the cities of Kirkland and Redmond, Sound Transit, and Puget Sound Energy. These owners work together through the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) to maintain a collaborative, regional planning process for Eastrail.  The owners’ goal is to achieve connectivity and multiple uses, maximizing public benefit and enjoyment throughout the corridor both directly and indirectly.

The work on the RAC is based on the 2013 Creating Connections report , a shared assessment and policy statement that recognizes the unique opportunity that the Eastrail provides to both urban and rural areas of the Puget Sound region.  Besides the alternative transportation options inherent in bike/ped facilities, the corridor can offer additional recreational opportunities, transit and utility infrastructure, all while maintaining the potential for future freight reactivation, under the federal Rails to Trails Act.

Current work by the RAC is focused on critical issues such as securing additional funding to reconnect the previously demolished Wilburton tunnel on I-405 and on maximizing trail connections to Sound Transit’s East Link stations.  The RAC members, together with representatives from adjacent jurisdictions and stakeholder groups, have adopted an ambitious 2015 work plan that should result in a new brand identity for the entire corridor and agreement on how to take advantage of a funding collaborative.

Eastrail spans two counties and multiple cities, offering opportunities in mobility, economic opportunity and support for compact growth throughout the region.   

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